day 26 - day off/ visiting the neighbors

I had a chance to talk with community cast member Jonathan Jerald (who plays Duke, a Cornerstoner) during some down time during rehearsal. Jerald, with longtime friend Jim Fittipaldi, is starting Bedlam, a new monthly magazine which will cover the urban Los Angeles art scene from the West side to Pomona. Bedlam is a reference to a space that Jim Fittipaldi created and ran for almost 22 years, first in a loft on Molino Street and then in a vast two-story industrial space on 6th Street, which hosted drawing workshops, live theater and music, performance art and an art gallery. “It was a focal point for arts in downtown Los Angeles,” said Jerald. Jerald has taken over the space formerly known as Al's Bar, which will be the editorial offices for the new magazine as well as an intimate performance space (for about 60 people) and art gallery. Jerald was the managing editor of Citizen LA (www.citizenla.com) for the past two years and left that position to start Bedlam; the first issue is slated to come out in mid-August.  Jerald has a background in journalism and wrote Pure Silver: The Second Best of Everything with David Reid in the 80s.  He also has produced many history documentaries for the History Channel, the last being a history of LSD. Although the last time Jerald acted in a play was when he was Colonel Petkoff in George Bernard shaw's Arms and the Man in high school, his parents and his older sister were both involved in the theater (that's how his parents met!) Jerald loves his experience with Cornerstone though he was initially reluctantly sucked in.  He was walking his dog and told that the production needed dogs and then persuaded to audition. “It's great that Cornerstone Theater is so well known for developing theater nationally, but is finally coming home.  It's fun to see the spectacle put together and get to meet people you normally wouldn't hang out with,” said Jerald.  “It's a gift to whatever community it's in.

Ching-In Chen

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