day 29 - opening night

from Joseph Fernandez, Community Artist

thanks first of all for being a part of this vibrant and loving community and i guess i answered your first question; to why i am attracted to traction ave. i do allot of traveling and along the way i stopped by ground works to get something to drink, i noticed the commotion at the cornerstone theater so like always i walked a little closer and said if there was any help needed and sure enough. so really it was by chance that i was given the opportunity to be one of the many talented artists to to help beautify this production. let me see from the time i was at the cornerstone theater i was either painting on buildings or giving original henna designs to beautiful people, two of the many things that makes me content in living comfortably. i have never felt challenged more like inspired, i worked along side other talented artists and the outcome was great. i also sat in on a reading which was intense and interesting. i started my career in art as i was wasting my time enlisted in the u.s. Navy, i was left working on diesel engines being the quote unquote greese monkey for eight years. when i left in 04 of aug i went straight to community college, where i am pursuing my degree in fine arts/sculpture. so now i am a sculptor, i've held a job as a bronze caster, i weld bronze alluminum and steele. i make various things from clay pots & clay figures, and i also make figures out of found material (the artsy way of saying trash) i draw, i paint, and i art.  i have had a great experience working with everyone and seeing the behind the scenes mayham of making a play come together. i really dig the vibe and how everything came together artistically, visualy, and hummanly. thank you cornerstone theater for the opportunity to be apart of this beautiful play depicting one of L.A.'s unique communities.

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