day 30 - evaluation + the staff of i5


Mary on stage management: My name is Mary. I am an Assistant Stage Manager for our show. Stage management is what I do; I enjoy it greatly. I’ve worked on a lot of shows, and this is my first time working on a community-based theatre production. My job varies. I’m in a rehearsal room a lot. I did a lot of work with props, making spreadsheets of which prop goes to which actor, and where that prop needs to be a the top of the show. During rehearsals, I am either on book (reading the script as the actors say their lines so I can help them if they need it) or taking down blocking for Marisa, our stage manager. To keep things simple, I write blocking in shorthand. For example, Darell enSL, x->CS means that Darell enters stage left, and then crosses to center stage. With the help of Zohar, the other ASM, I make phone calls to the actors to let them know of their rehearsal schedule, and if they are late to rehearsal. With a cast of +50 actors, it is great to have someone else working with you! As a team, myself, Marisa and Zohar set up the rehearsal room to make sure there are chairs for actors and the director to sit in, as well as enough clear space for everyone to move in. This job got harder as we got closer to production because there was more equipment and costumes in the back room of Cornerstone. During the show, I live backstage right. I am on the American Hotel side of Traction Avenue. I generally sit next to the phone booth around the corner from Blooms. I don’t get to see much of the show as a result, but my job is important. Zohar, who is on the Zips side of Traction, and I are in charge of making sure actors get onstage when they are supposed to. We keep our backstage areas as calm and aware as we can. Marisa gives us our cues through walkie-talkies. Zohar has all the car traffic during the show (we have a few cars and a motorcycle!). I have a lot of people waiting on my side, as well as people coming in and out of Blooms and the American. I also have the Safety Team on my side. It is definitely the craziest backstage environment I have been in! I love being able to help keep things safe and calm, though, giving positive energy to the actors. I have two favorite moments that I am a part of in the show. The first is Adam’s flashback to 1985 at the beginning of the show. We have a thief who runs off with Adam’s briefcase, and then two guys AND a woman on a motorcycle that chase after the thief! I have to make sure that the sidewalk on my side is clear, and that there is no oncoming traffic. If any of the actors from onstage run into the street, then they could be hit by the motorcycle. My other favorite moment is cueing the Artshare Teens, along with Zach, Adel and Dee, to enter. The Artshare Teens wait at least thirty minutes to go on, and they are so patient! Their stomp routine is so fun to watch, and I love being around their happy selves.

Mary Kimball

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